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Drifing Residue

for two trombones and two percussionists (8’)
Drifting Residue (excerpt) - Jason Carl Rosenberg
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Often while involved in one conversation I simultaneously try to listen to other conversations around me.  I snatch a word or phrase completely out of context and imagine the most beautifully improbable topics of discussion based on what I just heard.  A minor struggle ensues between actively participating in the conversation in front of me and the mental exploration of the snatched phrase. 


Drifting Residue incorporates elements of this struggle.  When a strong presence in the composition stops, a quiet residue is often still lingering.  This residue can gain prominence and interact and possibly influence future stimulus.  Although the residual materials are less complex than the prominent materials, they have a significantly longer life and a greater sense of sincerity.  Yet nothing, not even the residue, feels truly stable or defined.  There is almost constant drifting from one or several domains into one or several others. 

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