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Zinc - Jason Carl Rosenberg
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Zinc is a silvery-white metal.  It’s shiny, hard, durable, stable, abundant, and resistant to alteration.  Zinc can be combined with other metals to form critical alloys (like brass) and used as a galvanizing agent.  Through the amalgamation of differing elements emerge strength, utility, power, and grace. 


I hope this description of zinc's physical and chemical properties give a sense of the characteristics and relationships I was trying to evoke.  On a more personal note, this work is an attempt to capture the spirit of the orchestra pieces that originally inspired me to consider a career as composer.  In my youth I listened to punk and metal and played in several bands.  It’s little coincidence then that the orchestra music that captured my imagination was bombastic, with driving rhythms and clashing harmonies.  Merciless music.  And much of it distinctly American.  This is the orchestra music that made me excited about orchestra music.  And Zinc is my contribution to this American tradition. 

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